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Sometimes Your T&E Program Can Be a Little Scary

on October 16, 2015

Darkness falls. The hairs stiffen on the back of your neck. Fog ensues. These are familiar horror movie tropes, but I think they can also apply to a company’s T&E program. If the mere idea of issuing a corporate travel card cues the theme song to the movie Halloween for you, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

As Account Manager at Oversight, I often get to hear firsthand about all of the horror stories companies suffer regularly. Yes, these are companies that mandate the use of a corporate travel card for business travel and related expenses. The stories are sometimes gruesome.

You’ve likely also heard similar T&E horror stories. An employee is issued a travel card. Employee pays for family cruise. Or, employee “entertains” clients at a nearby Gentleman’s club.  Or, employee buys a couple of units of Botox. All on the company dime.  Any one of these examples is enough to make a company not want to take on that kind of responsibility. How do companies gain the assurance they need to fearlessly launch their corporate card program?

To help build the assurance you need to fully embrace your corporate card program and implement an all-in-one application that automatically analyzes 100% your expense reports and streamlines your compliance process. Having this in place will help deter most of that scary non-compliant employee behavior. It’s also important to note that while some of the stories I’ve heard can be pretty scary, none are ever as frightening as the idea of a company not knowing what happens in their program.

Launching a corporate card program doesn’t have to be as scary as a horror movie. Instead, a corporate card program should be a way of taking control of the things that scare you in your program, while treating yourself to the spend visibility and company rebates you deserve. Pushing spend to a corporate card not only gives you greater visibility into your spend, but some card providers even offer some pretty sweet treats in terms of rebates.

This blog post is not a trick, and I’m not making you smell my feet. Hopefully, I gave you something good to eat. Now, chew it over, and when you’re ready then sign up for a free trial of our software.


Ashlee Holmes

Ahslee is a contributor for Oversight.