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Spend Risk Examined: CFOs, Spend Optimization, and Shifting Tides in Tech

on July 07, 2021

Oversight released a new episode of its podcast series, “Spend Risk Examined”, which discusses our recent study commissioned by Oversight and conducted by Forrester Consulting, entitled “Minimize Risk and Maximize Gains Through Spend Optimization Solutions.”

The seventh episode features a conversation with Geoff Brannon, CFO at Oversight, and Andrew Bartels, Guest Speaker from Forrester, to discuss the study and its findings and parse out the implications in enterprise organizations.

It is now live and ready for listening at info.oversight.com/podcast.

Brannon shares insights into how CFOs can tackle spend optimization to see it all with Oversight: “Most of the employee populations are good citizens, good stewards of a company’s money, but occasionally you’ve got people that make simple, honest mistakes, and then you’ve got a few bad actors. A tool like Oversight can help identify all of it and make people aware of mistakes that they’ve made so they don’t make them again and also catch the people who are really trying to do things that are underhanded. That’s the beauty of a spend optimization tool like Oversight.”


Bartels added his thoughts on the shift to spend optimization, stating, “Spend optimization is a much broader concept than simple spend analytics. Certainly, compliance of spending with company policies and laws is also big piece of spend optimization, but even that is not the whole story.”


Tune into this episode to learn more about the shift towards spend optimization solutions and the benefits of adopting these tools. To listen to the rest of the series, subscribe to “Spend Risk Examined” at info.oversight.com/podcast or on your preferred podcast streaming service.

Macie Smith

Associate Field Marketing Manager