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Spend Risk Examined: Nothing Gets By You Now

on June 23, 2021

Today, we’re continuing season one of Oversight’s “Spend Risk Examined” podcast with an episode focused on Oversight’s role in improving financial process efficiencies for Finance and Accounting professionals while transforming how organizations manage spend.


It is now live and ready for listening at info.oversight.com/podcast.


The sixth episode features Oversight’s new Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Juneau, discussing lessons he’s learned from more than 20 years in the Fintech industry and what attracted him to Oversight.


Juneau also shared his thoughts on Oversight’s new mantra: Nothing Gets By You Now, and the three components that drive Oversight’s mission; from the importance of gaining 100% visibility to see it all from payables to T&E, to how companies expand their scope to spot the patterns that drive the risky behavior, and how finance and audit teams can steer the future by implementing the policies and controls necessary to ensure better outcomes and manage risk more effectively without straining resources.


When asked how he likes to describe Oversight’s positioning to prospective clients, Chris stated, “AI can free up your employees to focus on what’s most important. They can help you better manage your financial processes because they can focus on the exceptions while optimizing financial processes to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.”


You can subscribe to “Spend Risk Examined” and listen to the rest of the series at info.oversight.com/podcast or on your preferred podcast streaming service. Also, stay tuned for Episode 7 with Oversight CFO Geoff Brannon as we unpack findings related to Spend Optimization, scheduled to air on July 7.

Macie Smith

Associate Field Marketing Manager