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Spend Risk Examined: Shifting Tides of Spend Risk During a Pandemic

on January 26, 2021

With 2021 in clear view, we continue to examine the complexities of spend risk in the current environment through our “Spend Risk Examined” podcast series. Our third episode, The Shifting Tides of Spend Risk During a Global Pandemic, is available now at info.oversight.com/podcast.

Jon Lawrence, Vice President of Product Management, joins as the expert guest for Episode 3. Lawrence shares his thoughts on the unprecedented change organizations underwent during COVID-19 and the evolving dynamics surrounding spend risk.

Lawrence shares thoughts on what finance leaders will have to be mindful of in the post-Coronavirus business operations landscape. Additionally, he provides insights into the factors that could be contributing to why spend is down, but risk is up.

“You have employees that were never making purchasing decisions or buying anything, and now all of the sudden they are buying things, whether it’s simple office supplies or items for their home office,” shared Jon Lawrence. “Whenever you have uncertainty, there is always the potential that employees will do things that they probably wouldn’t do normally or know that they shouldn’t do.”

Episode 3 of the “Spend Risk Examined” series continues our focus on providing finance leaders with insights, best practices and lessons learned to disarm risk and elevate the role of finance. This first season includes diverse voices and perspectives from the Oversight team about the intricacies of spend risk for enterprise organizations.

You can subscribe to “Spend Risk Examined” and listen to Episodes 1, 2 and 3 today at info.oversight.com/podcast or on your preferred podcast streaming service. Also, stay tuned for Episode 4, “Life in the Fast Lane…The Crazy Things Employees Expense,” with Oversight’s Client Engagement Manager, Beverly Kays.

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