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Travel & Expense

The Art of Navigating Concur Fusion, Oversight Style

on March 25, 2016

The 2016 Concur Fusion conference was held in Las Vegas, NV at the Venetian Hotel. The week-long event was filled with gatherings related to the most advanced practices and technologies in the world of Travel & Expense. As an App Center Partner of Concur, Oversight was heavily involved in the events that took place, which made a huge impact on our experience at Fusion. We’ve done recaps of Concur events before, but as a Fusion first timer, I wanted to take it a step further and go more in depth about the experience than just recapping what happened.

Here are a few steps Oversight took which helped us navigate Fusion in style!

1.)  Participate & Educate

Oversight participated in several sessions including Apps for Invoice, Speed Dating, Shark Tank: Expense and Invoice Edition, and Financial Services Industry: How to Mitigate Compliance Risk and Enhance Your Spend Management Program.

Participating in these sessions allowed us to be introduced to new audiences while also helping those audiences understand key factors of improving controls around their expense programs.


2.)  Be Sure to Stand Out

The entire Oversight team wore matching bright colors every day during Fusion. You could not miss us! From lime green, to electric blue, to the Oversight silver-shade of gray, every collared shirt we wore could be seen from a mile away. This brought more traffic to our exhibit hall booth as attendees’ heads turned to see the moving blobs of color floating about in their line of sight.


3.)  Plan Meetings Ahead of Time 

In the exhibit hall there are tons of Concur partners vying for traffic at their booth. Everyone has their own tactics to encourage attendees to stop by and learn more about their company, but one of the simplest ways to do this is to plan ahead. Before Fusion, the Oversight team worked tirelessly to encourage Concur users to stop by our booth once Fusion arrived via email campaigns and landing pages and special content freebies for signing up for a demo (Like our annual Oversight Spend Analysis Report. Get yours here.)

It definitely worked! We were a very popular booth partially because of our pre-planning.


4.)  Be Outstanding at All Times

Being an outstanding company at all times is single-handedly the most important reason that Oversight had a successful Fusion event. Although working with Concur to be prepared for Fusion was important, working hand-in-hand with Concur all year round is what counts!

On a daily basis the Oversight team and Concur work together to support Concur clients in increasing compliance and having the best run T&E program possible. Because of our constant work and support, much of the traffic at Fusion was due to attendees stopping by to tell us how pleased they are with our work. Concur also showed us appreciation by gifting us the Partner Award for Field Engagement at the Fusion event. We’re honored - Thanks Concur!


In the end, Concur works hard to put on a great Fusion conference so it’s important for Concur partners to aid them in having a successful, meaningful event. The Oversight team’s hard work was not only good for building new relationships at Fusion, but it was also an important part of growing our existing relationship with Concur.

Everyone at Fusion worked hard, but of course we snuck in a little fun as we were in Vegas. I’d tell you more about that part but what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Rachel Ware

Rachel Ware is Business Development Manager at Oversight Systems.