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Spend Risk Examined: What to Expect from Oversight Podcast Episode 1

on December 16, 2020

Today, Oversight announces the premiere of its podcast series, “Spend Risk Examined,” which will provide insights, best practices and lessons learned for finance leaders looking to disarm risk and elevate finance across an enterprise. The first episode of Season 1, Finance Re-Transformation, is available and ready for listening at info.oversight.com/podcast.

The first episode provides an in-depth look at how companies are navigating finance transformation through a pandemic, which is especially critical today as 2019 Gartner data suggests that 85% of finance teams are currently undergoing or planning a finance transformation. The episode features insights from Oversight CEO Terrence McCrossan as he details how finance teams are driving these transformations with AI-driven intelligence.

You may be asking yourself, why a podcast? And why launch during a pandemic? The answer couldn’t be simpler: it’s more critical than ever for organizations to understand how to identify and mitigate spend risk to better manage cash flow and compliance. Oversight’s recent November Spend Insights Report demonstrates the urgency as it found that spend risk in Q3 2020 was three times higher than in Q3 2019.

This first season of “Spend Risk Examined” will include five episodes featuring diverse voices and perspectives from Oversight. The topics will run the gambit from best practices for mitigating spend risk to entertaining tales of expenditures that are too outlandish to be true.

You can subscribe to “Spend Risk Examined” and listen to Episode 1 today at info.oversight.com/podcast or on your preferred podcast streaming service. After listening, tell us what you’d like us to explore further as we prepare for Season 2. And stay tuned for the launch of Episode 2, “The Integrated Risk Strategy,” with Oversight’s Senior Director of Sales, Chris Elliott.

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