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Travel & Expense Artificial Intelligence

The Six-Million Dollar Man Meets Business Analytics

on September 18, 2014

I remember as a kid watching the TV show “The Six-Million Dollar Man”; the scientists and doctors got together and made the man “better, stronger, faster”, and I was thrilled about the possibilities of what a man augmented by technology could do. Unfortunately in the years since then, the reality of technology improving things has come at a much slower pace than the dreams of science fiction.  While we don’t yet live in a world with Steve Austin-style bionic limbs or in homes like the Jetson’s, we have experienced some areas of technological benefits.  Most people have cell phones, are able to look things up on Google that automatically suggests searches while you type, and use automated maps on their phone to get around from place to place.

Many of the “gee whiz” technological advancements come first to consumer-type products while business applications are often left in the dust.  The are however, a few fronts where the future is meeting the present and providing great benefits for today’s business users.

One such area is that of Machine Learning.  In any analytics system it is important to recognize that the business needs change over time, often quite quickly.  Sometimes by the time a system gets configured and set up, the needs have changed drastically and the system needs to be re-done before a business can begin using it. Without Machine Learning, the way to make these changes over time requires extensive work by data scientists or technical business analysts to monitor and measure how things are changing and then make the appropriate changes to configuration, reports, analytics that can be quite costly in terms of time and money.

Machine Learning allows the analytic system to observe the behaviors of business users in their normal usage patterns and learn by these examples what things are important and should be highlighted, and what things are not important and should be ignored.  In this way the analytic system grows “smarter” over time and provides better and better results without the need for a data scientist or technical analyst to manually adjust the system. Just like the Jetson’s, right?

Oversight Insights On Demand™ provides this kind of sophisticated level of Machine Learning that brings Steve Austin-style future technology to today’s Travel and Expense, P-Card and Procure-To-Pay business teams.  Just using Insights On Demand in normal operations enables the current expense system to be “better, stronger and faster”, automatically.  The analytics are learning and excluding the unimportant details while highlighting those important transactions to provide continuously improving analytics. These ever-improving analytics then provide users with more valuable business insights and enable better business decisions.  Wow! “Steve Austin” can be helping you with your business needs today!

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Nathanael L’Heureux

Chief Client Officer