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Want to Learn More about FCPA Prevention? Read these Four Posts

on August 20, 2015

Following up on Julia Versaci’s series on Oversight’s technology solution for FCPA, we would like to highlight additional important FCPA blog posts from the Oversight archives. Have you read all of these?

“Good” is Often Better than Doing Nothing At All When It Comes to FCPA
The compliance process doesn’t have to be perfect, but it can’t be arbitrary either. Many cumbersome compliance methods prevent companies from implementing anything at all, as opposed to a solution that audits transactions automatically. Read the full post to find out how you can combat the “do nothing” approach with a defensible system.

Avon’s FCPA Action and the Cost of Internal FCPA Controls
When the Avon FCPA penalty made headlines, we wrote a post estimating the makeup retailer could monitor their T&E for less than $100,000 per year even if FCPA monitoring were included. With hefty FCPA fines and a company’s reputation at stake, why risk it?

3 Tools You Need for a Total FCPA Strategy
A preventive FCPA strategy takes the unknown aspects of self-disclosure off the table. There are many best practices you can put into place, but for a fully comprehensive, “total package” approach we like to recommend these three important products.

Why Guidance is Missing from FCPA Investigations
Find out how your company can create a culture where employees know that all transactions will be monitored automatically for policy compliance.

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