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What Do You Get in a Handful of Marbles?

on July 16, 2015

What happens if you put your hand into a bag of assorted marbles and pull out a handful? Well, there’s a chance that you’ll grab the red ones, but there’s a greater chance that you’ll just have a handful of random marbles. I mean, it makes sense. Who has the time to go through a giant bag of marbles and pick out only the red ones?  To that point, even if you had the resources and time to manually look through a giant bag of marbles for only the red ones, wouldn’t you want an easier way to do so? Wouldn’t you want someone who’s a marble expert to help you be more efficient in your process?

Before I became an account manager, I was part of the Demand Generation team where my primary responsibility was, well, generating demand. I called into companies with the hope of scheduling a conversation where we explored avenues of mutual opportunity in the space of Travel and Expense, mostly. One of the things I found: that of the people with whom I scheduled those conversations, about 22% thought they had really good controls in place and didn’t see value with the Oversight product offering. Of this 22%, 100% of them were looking only at a sample of expense reports, and they already had rules in place to flag transactions that hit a certain criteria. The other 78% were doing a similar sample based audit as the nay-sayers, but they often said, “you don’t know what you don’t know,” and thus wanted to learn more about our solution.

Enter Oversight Insights On Demand. When you purchase one of Oversight’s solutions, you’re not only purchasing a tool that facilitates your review of expenses, you’re purchasing a tool that can seamlessly integrate into your business to help make your process more efficient. Through automating and streamlining your compliance process, you’re able to spend more time acting on findings and less time hunting for them.

Also, the cherry on top of the marble bag, if you will, is that you’re assigned a pretty cool account manager who is willing to lose her marbles to make sure that you’re as successful as possible with your Oversight tool.


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