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What Happens At Oversight After You Become a Customer

on March 24, 2015

My name is Ashlee and I started with Oversight in January 2014. I spent over a year on the Demand Generation team, driving sales for Oversight Insights On Demand™ but now I work in Account Management, which allows me to see a completely different side of the business.

When I was on the sales team I frequently heard how many people were disappointed by other software providers: they were pursued relentlessly to close the deal, but once the ink on the contract dried, they were left alone with a software solution that was difficult to use and came without built-in support.

I always knew that Oversight was different in this respect, but it wasn’t until I joined the Account Management team that I saw how committed the company is to ensuring customer’s success. Our EVP of Sales & Solutions, Chris Rossie, loves to remind the sales team to “treat everyone like a customer from day one of the sales cycle,” and I really think this has contributed to our success.

Surprisingly, there is an expense audit solution out there for you with a team of people behind it who actually care if you succeed. It’s a real thing, and it’s a product of Oversight Systems. We have a three-part customer success process that all starts with the Oversight Account Managers. Think of them as your “Oversight BFF.” They’re making sure that you’re getting what you need out of your Oversight system and that you’re as happy as you possibly can be. They liaise between the client engagement and solutions team and you, so they are your first point of contact.

Then, there’s your Client Engagement team. They’re real people with real strategies, and they act as your extended team--making sure that you’re as successful with your Oversight system as you can be. Think of them as your wise relationship “yodas”/ therapists. They pretty much have a remedy for everything you’d need software-wise, so you’re safe in their hands, and they’re great teachers when it comes to helping customers leverage our system to automate the compliance process.

Then, the Solutions team works behind the scenes to ensure our technology is the best of the best. Think of them as the architects who are making your dream home a reality. They’ll make sure your data is architected in a way that is useful to you and your expense program. It’s the solutions team that takes customer feedback and turns it into new products, like the Mileage Insight we recently developed after listening to what customer’s really wanted and needed in an expense audit solution.

Each of these teams contributes a piece to the puzzle of your overall success. Have you ever heard of any other software solution that delivers you such a robust team of support? So, that’s my take on the situation. There is a company that delivers the expense audit solution for you, and it just so happens to be called Oversight Systems.

Ashlee Holmes

Ahslee is a contributor for Oversight.