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Why the Answer Shouldn’t be “No”

on April 21, 2015

My name is Sarah Zoloth—I am team lead for, and a member of, our Demand Generation team at Oversight. This means I have spent most of the last 10 months calling into companies in hopes of introducing Oversight and the ways our solution can help with their T&E audit.

…. It also means I have heard every reason in the book that an introductory call can’t be scheduled, from the totally valid to totally ridiculous (I’ve been told it’s not a good time and maybe it would be better when the snow clears up!).

I often say that when someone turns down a meeting, I’m not angry or sad for myself—I’m sad on their behalf! Many of the things we hear are sometimes even a better reason to have a meeting. I wanted to outline some common reasons people give for not being interested in a call and explain why the answer shouldn’t be “No.”

  1. We do all our auditing in house/our Internal Audit department does that
    Of course you do- most companies we speak with have a process in place for auditing T&E expenses. It’d be an oversight not to. (Get it?) Knowing that you have an audit process in place, we want to better understand it and share with you how Oversight’s solutions can make it simpler. Auditors love a streamlined process like the one our workbench offers, and management loves 100% visibility into spend. Having a process in place doesn’t mean it can’t change- what if you’d said no to moving from a manual to automated reporting system? You’d still be shuffling paper reports and taping receipts to a sheet of paper. Change can be good.

  2. We have very high/100% compliance in our T&E program
    Wouldn’t that be nice? While many companies operate tightly controlled and efficient T&E processes, a tool like Oversight can be key in helping you detect those transactions that go under the radar through your current process. And the great thing is that since Oversight offers a free trial, you’d be able to have your program benchmarked against our system and see exactly where you’re succeeding or where we might help.

  3. We have a tool that does that
    Awesome! Any tool to help detect fraud or waste is great, and you’re clearly an organization that’s invested in making your T&E program an efficient and safe one. What we offer wouldn’t necessarily replace that- Oversight’s IOD offers built in case management, analysis of trends and patterns, and best practice based algorithms. Many companies use both Oversight and another tool to get a robust scope of their T&E audit. And again, one process now doesn’t mean you’ll find that process efficient forever. Looking at a way to improve can never hurt.

  4. Concur does that
    Funny you mention that…we’re actually a Certified Concur App Partner! Concur has established a relationship with us because of the way we extend their already great work. We act in conjunction with Concur and their audit rules by offering our own analytics to bring attention to trends and patterns in your Concur system. Many of Concur’s largest clients utilize Oversight and find that the two are a great pair, like PB&J!

  5. We’re switching expense reporting systems right now and want to choose before moving forward
    We know how all-consuming choosing an expense reporting process can be! However, many people actually find that this is a perfect time to speak with us. Because we offer a free trial, Oversight has a lot of capabilities to help you benchmark your current/proposed program and give you a greater understanding of what you want it to look like going forward. We also have a lot of experience with different providers and offer a client engagement team that ensures we get your system up and running. One of our most recent customers even made sure to sign on with Oversight before switching so they had insight into building a stronger expense program.

Of course this is just a handful of what I’ve heard on the phones, but they’re the most common! My job is to engage businesses with Oversight and see where we can help them out—their job is to say yes to learning something new.

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Sarah Zoloth

Product Manager