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Why You Should Take Our Call

on January 27, 2015

Oversight Note: Today on the blog we have our Account Development team lead, Sarah Zoloth to provide a fresh perspective on Oversight’s Insights On Demand™ offering and sales process. Take it away Sarah!

Is there anything you’d rather do than talk to a salesperson who cold called you? Chances are the list includes things like being eaten by a bear, or walking on hot coals. But when the phone rings and it’s one of our account development reps, you might want to reconsider your take on cold calls.

First of all, our calls aren’t cold. The account development team devotes much of their time to identifying the right people to call and goes the extra mile to ensure they are reaching out to companies who can really benefit from Oversight’s services. They’ve called you specifically because they think you will fall into this category and that we can genuinely help- to us, you’re not just someone off a marketing list.

When you say “not interested,” what the account representatives hear is that you aren’t interested in improving your program, your efficiency, and your internal controls. Sounds silly, right? Taking an initial call is a great way to learn about different solutions that exist to help manage your spending programs and how they might apply to you. Who knows? A simple thirty minute conversation could kick start a path for your own organization to reimagine the way they do expense audits.

Instead of asking yourself why you should spend minutes of your time talking to our reps, ask yourself this- what do you have to lose? Not everyone who has a conversation with us invests in Oversight Systems. But everyone who does talk to us hangs up with a better understanding; that solutions exist to manage their programs in better, cheaper ways.

Everyone hangs up knowing they took the time to learn something new.

And we think that’s hard to say no to.

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