Autodesk Increases Visibility into its T&E Spend

Carolyn Hardee, Corporate Card Program Manager & Expense Management of Autodesk shares ROI of Oversight’s T&E and P-card Monitoring Solutions


Business Challenge

Autodesk, a global leader in three-dimensional design software, faced the challenge of increasing visibility into its T&E and P-card spend. The company used Concur Expense & Travel in 40 countries and had an audit process that primarily relied on random spot checks looking for specific criteria. However, the team knew that this approach wasn't enough, and too many cases were slipping by, such as individuals using cash instead of corporate cards or P-cards. Additionally, they were concerned about high-risk fraud in merchant category codes like casinos and alcohol, as well as duplicate reimbursements where people were expensing receipts and getting reimbursed with cash out of pocket.


To address these challenges, Autodesk brought on Oversight's Travel & Expense and Purchase Card Monitoring Solutions. The team was immediately surprised by the number of duplicate expense mistakes the Oversight monitoring software found, which helped them navigate the process more efficiently and keep a record of each flagged transaction.


By bringing on Oversight's Travel & Expense and Purchase Card Monitoring Solutions, they were able to overcome these challenges and improve their audit process significantly.

The impact of using Oversight was significant, with Carolyn Hardee, Corporate Card Program Manager & Expense Management, stating, "The ROI on this tool has been six and a half times what we paid for it. It's a no-brainer. If you're not using this product, you should be."


The benefits of the Oversight monitoring software were significant for Autodesk. Carolyn Hardee noted, "This tool allows us to have 100% visibility into every expense report, which is invaluable." Autodesk is now able to identify and resolve duplicate expenses and other fraud, errors, and misuse efficiently and accurately. Moreover, the tool keeps a record of each flagged transaction for better coaching and compliance.

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