Fortune 500 Multinational Conglomerate identifies $8M+ in actionable findings in first year

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Business Challenge

  • Previous process for analyzing program spend was largely manual and sample based
  • 50+ FTEs involved in sample review
  • Random samples were not reliable in identifying improper T&E activity
  • Audit coverage was hindered due to large volume
  • Limited capability to influence employee behavior and assess policies
  • Lacking an overall compliance system


  • The client implemented Oversight to monitor 100% of their P-Card and T&E transactions.
  • Insights, or pre-packaged analytics, layered with the client’s policies help to identify potential irregularities in their expense transactions
  • An analyst Workbench facilitates the review, research, and resolution of findings by the use of built-in workflow capabilities and case management
  • A management Dashboard displays graphical, aggregated views into spend as they relate to policy compliance and exception analysis


  • The client increased their audit scope from sample-based reviews to 100% automated review with an emphasis on policy effectiveness, employee behaviors, and the root causes of policy violations.
  • $8M+ identified in actionable findings in first year.
  • Minimize out of pocket activity and maximize preferred supplier use
  • Reduced LOE to review exceptions from 50+ FTEs to 10.
  • Eliminated manager approvals for several expense types

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