White Cap Case Study

Construction supply distribution company tightens up its procure-to-pay operations using spend analytics and dashboard communication tools.


Business Challenge

White Cap Construction Supply distributes construction materials to contractors across North America. The company has 450 branches and 9,000 employees serving more than 200,000 customers in 15 different trades.

White Cap realized its card management system review process was too cumbersome to be effective. It returned a large amount of data that was difficult to filter, analyze, and prioritize.

The company needed a deeper understanding of the data, to identify the source of policy violations, control cash leakage, and provide employee coaching to change behavior and increase policy compliance.

The team also wanted more focus on resolving duplications in Accounts Payable.


White Cap brought on Oversight’s Payables Monitoring to help with procure-to-pay operations, provide due diligence around payment legitimacy, identify compliance gaps, and eliminate duplicate payments.



After implementing Oversight's Payables Monitoring solution, White Cap has seen significant improvements in risk mitigation and cost savings.

Using the spend analytics data and employee communication tools within the Oversight platform, they can efficiently coach employees on company policy issues. As a result, there is better overall compliance and demonstratable behavior change within the organization.

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