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Global Flooring Company


"The Oversight Payables module came with a library of pre-defined integrity checks. This meant that we were able to get started with the system and see value right away. More importantly, by enabling us to easily identify the root cause of errors, Oversight is helping us develop and implement best practices for our transactional processes. "

Director of Internal Audit


  • World’s largest carpet manufacturer
  • $4 billion in annual sales and over 25,000 employees
  • $1.9 billion in annual payables processed through PeopleSoft with multiple interfaces

Business Challenge

  • Internal Audit Group continually found duplicate vendors and payments
  • A/P Manager tired of vendor phone calls asking why an invoice was paid twice
  • Multiple processes requiring monitoring was complex and demanding
  • Tightening economy resulted in reductions in staff and the challenge to “do more with less”
  • Procurement policies not applied consistently


  • Automation of duplicate payment and duplicate vendor audit
  • Distribution of exceptions managed through automated workflow


  • 100% ROI within 4 months through prevention of duplicate payments
  • 450 duplicate vendors identified within one year of a manual duplicate vendor search project
  • Discovery of “split” purchase orders to circumvent ERP controls
  • Root cause insights leading to training opportunities within Procurement