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Oversight for P-Card

Some of the biggest benefits we’ve received with Oversight is the change in employee behavior. The more employees we engage and make aware of the policy, the more the exception rate for the employee decreases."

Michelle Jawski, Associate Director of Internal Audit & Controls, Sharp Electronics



Purchase Card spend is rarely scrutinized because there are often a small number of approved users.  However, P-Card transaction amounts can be substantial, making attention-grabbing headlines if fraud or misuse is detected. Oversight helps minimize your exposure to such risk with continuous monitoring and analysis of P-Card spend.

High-Risk Purchases

Make sure your employees aren't spending company funds with unauthorized merchants or on questionable items. Our spend analytics can detect suspicious and unusual activity including split transactions, erroneous charges, and non-compliant purchases. 

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Oversight flags potential spending violations and identifies complex patterns over time to find employees who are not good stewards of the company dime. With the visibility to coach cardholders to make better purchasing decisions, non-compliant spending can be reduced up to 70%.

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Card Rebates

Oversight lowers card administration overhead and maximizes costs savings by promoting the use of corporate cards over cash. Your employees start using preferred suppliers and stop expensing out-of-pocket purchases that should be on the corporate card.

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