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Catch Errors Before
They Go Out The Door. 

Stop misuse, fraud and payment errors in real-time with in-process spend analysis from Oversight.


Learn how HD Supply transformed their audit process with Oversight. 

Outside of payroll, the payables process is the largest spend channel for most organizations. It’s also one of the hardest to control due to the multiple methods of invoicing, tracking and payment. Oversight improves the quality and effectiveness of your payables process by automating auditing, identifying payment risks, eliminating duplicates, and ensuring operational and regulatory compliance across your payables practice. 

Pinpoint Risks
Before Payment

Act on your biggest payment risks within seconds of detection. Using AI and machine learning, Oversight’s platform continuously monitors and analyzes 100% of your vendors, purchase orders and invoices immediately alerting you to potential fraud, errors, and waste before you make a payment.

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Gain 100% Visibility
Into Spend

With a complete view of spend activity, you can better manage risk as well as identify opportunities. Oversight gives you the visibility needed to improve internal controls, track and document remediation efforts, and capitalize on negotiated discounts.

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Duplicate Payments

Stop duplicate payments, and improper POs and invoices before they are processed. Our patented and proven analytics identify anomalies in your payables data, including unusual buying activities, split purchases and ghost vendors.

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Risk Vendors

Stay above board by avoiding risky vendors.  Oversight vets your vendors and evaluates your transaction data based on national, global and government watchlists, including the Office of Foreign Asset Control SDN list and politically-exposed individual list, to keep you clear of regulatory issues and ensure you meet FCPA requirements.

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Clean-up the
Vendor Master

Duplicates in your vendor master can be precursors to duplicate invoices. Oversight helps de-risk your vendor master, identifying duplicate and invalid vendors as well as incomplete records.

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Customers Say it Best...

"Oversight delivers real results, in real time, for real companies."

Jim Kirkpatrick

VP Corporate Finance at Shaw Industries

“The ROI on this tool has been 6.5x what we paid for it. We now have visibility into every single expense report, which is invaluable.”

Carolyn Hardee

Corporate Card Manager at Autodesk

“With Oversight, we have a tool to transform our audit process, so our team can redirect their time on value-added tasks to run the business."

Brian Friedman

Director Asset Protection and Chief Security Officer — HD Supply

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