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Detect T&E spend risk.
Enterprise-wide expense audit. 

Identify spend risk no matter where it resides and drive better spend decisions.


Learn how HD Supply transformed their audit process with Oversight.


Oversight data shows that 90% of T&E risk comes from just 5% of your employees. With continuous monitoring and analysis of your spend data, our AI-powered solutions detect patterns of risk and identify habitual offenders so you can take action. You’ll also know when to intervene with the 25% of employees who only need occasional policy reminders. Armed with complete visibility into your T&E spend, you’ll know exactly where to focus to mitigate risk, improve compliance, and prevent financial loss.

Spot Errors, Waste, and Fraud Automatically

Catch expense spend risk that would otherwise go undetected and take action at the right time, including before reimbursement. By automatically analyzing 100% of transactions, including expense reports, receipts and bank card data, you can stamp out one-off errors and identify suspicious spend patterns.

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Change Employee Behavior

Our AI-powered platform analyzes T&E spend patterns and habits over time to find repeat offenders who consistently make mistakes, pad spend or otherwise waste the company dime. Leveraging Oversight’s workflow tools, you’re freed up to focus on changing employee behavior rather than mired in volumes of data.

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Improve Compliance

Shape your policies based on key insights from your own data. Find opportunities to alter ineffective policies and introduce other changes that fit your corporate culture and bottom line.

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Maximize Audit Efficiency

Oversight speeds auditing and compliance by preventing recurring issues and prioritizing cases based on the highest potential business impact. Our AI inspects and influences spending behaviors without adding headcount.

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Identify Risk at a Glance

Oversight's Scorecard provides visibility into spend behavior throughout your organization. We evaluate spend data using risk metrics, such as late expense report submissions and missing receipts. Packaged in powerful dashboards and with drill-down analytics, the information allows you to quickly and consistently evaluate and compare behaviors to identify frequent offenders or spot other anomalies that could indicate misuse or abuse. 

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Customers say it best...

“You are essentially flying blind if you do not have a tool like Oversight, because Oversight can analyze data in a way that the human eye cannot. I'd rather have Oversight than an army of people trying to do the analysis."

Jon Feiwell

Director of Financial Process & Quality Improvement at American Bureau of Shipping

“The ROI on this tool has been 6.5x what we paid for it. We now have visibility into every single expense report, which is invaluable.”

Carolyn Hardee

Corporate Card Manager atAutodesk

“With Oversight, we have a tool to transform our audit process, so our team can redirect their time on value-added tasks to run the business."

Brian Friedman

Director Asset Protection and Chief Security Officer at HD Supply

Detect and Stop Employee Expense Fraud

ABS Gains In-depth Visibility into Companywide Spend