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Addressing Vulnerabilities in Travel Expense Management

Oversight has spent the last 13+ years analyzing the travel and expense transactions for many of the largest business organizations in the world. Afte...


How Proactive Monitoring Can Save You Millions

Recently, Novartis came to a settlement with the SEC about an FCPA action.  In case you are unfamiliar, the key points of the violation are this: 


Compliance Week Webinar - Q & A with Patrick Taylor

On February18th, Compliance Week held a webinar presented by Oversight’s CEO, Patrick Taylor. In excess of 700 corporate compliance executives registe...


FCPA Enforcement: A Serious Business

I was recently researching the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) while developing sales material for Oversight's FCPA monitoring solution. While vi...

Oversight Company Culture: The Pixar Story Telling Contest

I recently read about an approach to story telling that Pixar uses during the initial creative development of their movies. Former Pixar story artist,...

Travel & Expense Purchase Card

Unintended Consequences

Today's cloud-based travel and expense systems have significantly advanced since the days of manual report processing. These modern systems promise to...