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Travel & Expense Purchase Card

Addressing Vulnerabilities in Travel Expense Management

Oversight has spent the last 13+ years analyzing the travel and expense transactions for many of the largest business organizations in the world. Afte...

Travel & Expense

The Impact of Insights On Demand on Travel and Expense Program Management

Travel and expense management has traditionally fallen into one of three categories.


How Proactive Monitoring Can Save You Millions

Recently, Novartis came to a settlement with the SEC about an FCPA action.  In case you are unfamiliar, the key points of the violation are this: 


Compliance Week Webinar - Q & A with Patrick Taylor

On February18th, Compliance Week held a webinar presented by Oversight’s CEO, Patrick Taylor. In excess of 700 corporate compliance executives registe...


FCPA Enforcement: A Serious Business

I was recently researching the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) while developing sales material for Oversight's FCPA monitoring solution. While vi...

Travel & Expense

A (Hypothetical) Day in the Life of an Expense Report Approver

Below is a hypothetical conversation that may take place in a company experiencing issues with expense fraud and misuse. (Heather, a sales manager is ...

Travel & Expense Purchase Card

T&E and P-Card Risk Management: Insurance vs. Assurance

I recently started to think about risk management in the context of T&E and P-Card compliance and monitoring solutions. Having traveled extensively in...

Oversight Company Culture: The Pixar Story Telling Contest

I recently read about an approach to story telling that Pixar uses during the initial creative development of their movies. Former Pixar story artist,...

Travel & Expense Purchase Card

Unintended Consequences

Today's cloud-based travel and expense systems have significantly advanced since the days of manual report processing. These modern systems promise to...