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Oversight Named A National Standard Among the AJC Top 2020 Workplaces

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently named Oversight a "National Standard of Top Workplaces" for 2020, based on the results of a third-party surv...

FCPA Procure-to-Pay Travel & Expense Purchase Card Company Culture

Announcing the 2018 Oversight Customer Excellence Award Winners

From left: Neha Wood and Manish Singh, Oversight Systems; Todd DiPietro, Fidelity Investments; Kimberly Simpson, Fidelity Investments; Karen Irish, In...

Company Culture Artificial Intelligence

The Biggest Challenges to Implementing AI and a Robo-Auditing System

If you’re a CFO looking to improve your company’s processes and save money by implementing a robo-auditor, you might be wondering where to start.

Company Culture Artificial Intelligence

How to Get Started with AI and Robo-Auditing

If you’re a CFO who’s decided to implement a robo-auditing system within your company, the question you’re probably asking yourself is: how do I get s...

Travel & Expense Company Culture Artificial Intelligence

3 Processes You Can Transform with Finance Process Automation

The key to making finance process automation successful at your company is not just the analytics but what actions you take based on that analysis. Yo...

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When Employee Back-to-School Expenses Become Corporate Expenses

Now that school is back in session, millions of parents are starting to see their back-to-school purchases show up on their monthly credit card statem...

Company Culture

Oversight Systems Names New CEO

Oversight Systems is proud to announce the appointment of our new Chief Executive Officer, Terrence McCrossan, a technology executive with more than 2...

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Simple Beauty Needed: Technology To the Rescue?

It has always been the thought that technology is supposed to help us do more, and do it better and faster than before. Unfortunately the theory and t...

FCPA Procure-to-Pay Travel & Expense Purchase Card Company Culture

The Emperor Has No Clothes! Does Your Dashboard?

Have you ever looked at the dashboards in your business intelligence tool and thought….what stunning conclusion am I supposed to see?