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Purchase Card

Recapping the NAPCP Canadian Commercial Card and Payment Conference

The new year has begun and Oversight is already on the road and making connections with current and prospective customers at some of the more popular ...

Travel & Expense Concur

Recapping Concur Fusion Toronto

Last week Oversight sponsored the Concur Fusion Exchange in Toronto, Sales VP Mike Harron, and Account Executive Sam Haase and I traveled to the confe...

Travel & Expense Concur

Recapping the Concur Fusion Exchange Series 2014

Last week was a crazy one: The Oversight VP of Sales, Mike Harron, and I were on the road for the two latest Concur Fusion Exchange conferences. The f...

Travel & Expense Company Culture

Our Re-cap of The Global Business Travel Association Conference 2014

I just returned from the GBTA Conference in Los Angeles, which was a great time. All last week (July 26-30) myself, our CEO Patrick Taylor, EVP Chris ...

Travel & Expense Concur

Recapping Concur Fusion 2014

Last week, myself and four other members of the Oversight team attended the Concur Fusion event in New Orleans. The event lasted May 6-9, with the bul...

Travel & Expense Purchase Card Concur

Recapping the Concur Fusion Exchange Event in New York

I just got back from the Concur Fusion Exchange event in New York, and wanted to share my thoughts on the event.

Big Data Company Culture

The Value of Making Business Intelligence Actionable

This is the third and final entry in my series on the evolution of business intelligence, from challenges with deriving value from traditional busines...

Big Data

A Better Way to Drive Value from Business Intelligence – Make it Actionable!

In my previous entry on this topic, I laid out three key challenges to driving value from traditional BI solutions:

Big Data

The Challenges with Traditional Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (also known as dashboarding, reporting, Enterprise Performance Management, and other names, but referenced as ‘BI’ in this post)...

Travel & Expense

Partner Event Takeaways: Audit Automation and Deciphering Valid T&E Expenses Growing Areas of Interest Among T&E Professionals

We recently took part in a great one-day event with one of our strategic partners, Concur, and had a very productive day full of meaningful conversati...