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Artificial Intelligence

How AI-Based Finance Process Automation Systems Continually Improve

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance, there seems to be a growing fear that AI systems will replace humans in every conceivable profes...

Artificial Intelligence

How AI is Elevating Finance Jobs in the Back Office

In a fascinating podcast conversation with futurist and author Mike Walsh, Oversight’s Manish Singh shares his perspective on how artificial intellige...

Artificial Intelligence

How CFOs Can Tell the Difference Between Little Fence vs. Big Fence Issues

As any good CFO knows, there are significant risks in corporate finance that require the use of financial systems to monitor issues and prevent them f...

Company Culture Artificial Intelligence

How to Get Started with AI and Robo-Auditing

If you’re a CFO who’s decided to implement a robo-auditing system within your company, the question you’re probably asking yourself is: how do I get s...

Artificial Intelligence

A CFO’s Guide to Setting up a Robo-Auditing System

Artificial intelligence is making it possible for CFOs to improve their corporate financial systems in ways that once would have been unimaginable.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Makes Corporate Finance More Efficient

For decades, the world of corporate financial systems has been black and white. Auditors’ calculations on Excel spreadsheets were crisp, exacting, and...

Travel & Expense

How Real-Time AI Can Fix Employee T&E Spending at the Right Time

The adoption of artificial intelligence systems in the world of corporate finance has many benefits, among them the ability to spot issues before they...

Travel & Expense Purchase Card

5 signs it’s time to streamline your T&E auditing process

We have seen a thing or two from working with hundreds of Fortune 2000 companies helping them transform their T&E audit process from a transaction...