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You Can Have It Both Ways with Oversight Insights On Demand™

on March 02, 2016

Some believe that they only have two choices to improve compliance within their disbursement processes:

1)     Buy an “out of the box” product, and change your processes to fit the product.

2)     Build your own so that it fits your specific needs.

It may surprise you to learn that a third (and better) option exists: Get the benefit of a standardized product that comes with the ability to customize it however you like.


Think about the car buying experience.  You can customize a new vehicle by starting with a base model then adding on features that make it comfortable for you, such as:

-       Swap out the engine for a zippier type with more horsepower

-       Add a sunroof

-       Fog lights if you live in a misty climate


Easy, right? But would you consider building your own car from the ground up? No, you leave the basic functions that a car needs to operate to the experts and then tailor the car to fit your specific needs where appropriate. Not to mention it’s ridiculously expensive to build a car from the ground up. 

Oversight Insights On Demand™ works the same way (and we’re less expensive than building your own software system, too.)


You leave the heavy lifting to us, like:

-        Loading the data into database servers

-        Securing your data

-        Automating the analysis process

-        Risk ranking configurations based on our best practices experience

… then you customize the experience to your specific needs

-        Modify your own risk rankings

-        Add keywords or translations important to your business

-        Customize the out of the box email templates to your company’s specific policy and communication style


With Oversight, you can have it both ways! Click here to take our free test drive and see for yourself!

Julia Versaci

Julia Versaci is Director of Solutions Development at Oversight Systems.