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Travel & Expense Purchase Card Company Culture

12 Most Exceptional Business Expenses of 2018

Frankly, it’s not easy coming up with a short list of the most bizarre business expenses for all of 2018. Oversight analyzes more than $2 trillion in ...

Travel & Expense Purchase Card

7 Ways Naughty Employees Try to Cheat on Year-End Expense Reports

The most wonderful time of year doesn’t just bring lots of nice holiday parties, gifts, and good cheer. Like the Grinch who stole Christmas, it also b...

Travel & Expense Purchase Card Company Culture

When Employee Back-to-School Expenses Become Corporate Expenses

Now that school is back in session, millions of parents are starting to see their back-to-school purchases show up on their monthly credit card statem...

Travel & Expense Purchase Card Artificial Intelligence

Beware of Double-Dippers: 9 Scams to Look Out for in T&E Fraud & Misuse

Double dippers are everywhere. They lurk at your backyard barbecue and at your neighbor’s Super Bowl party. You know the type – like George Costanza i...


Purchase Order Fraud: How to Identify Red Flags in Procure-to-Pay

Purchase Orders (PO) are a key aspect of maintaining accurate, complete financial records. They serve as an internal control mechanism in the procure-...