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Oversight Systems Adds New Mileage Insight for T&E Expense Audit Software

Tue, Feb 24, 2015

Atlanta, GA—February 24, 2015Oversight Systems, a leading operational analysis software company, announced today the addition of a Mileage Insight to Oversight Insights On Demand™ for Travel and Expense (T&E). Designed to help identify potential duplicate or abusive mileage expenses across mileage reports, the Insight will be added to the existing T&E Insight family that automates compliance by searching for suspect keywords, suspicious out-of-pocket expenses, and duplicate transactions within any given T&E program.

The Oversight Insights On Demand software works by combining sophisticated predictive analytics with transaction analysis to monitor 100% of transaction data. Insights On Demand then offers users relevant findings and an integrated case management tool to follow up on the results and address non-compliant activity. In addition to finding instances of fraud, the software increases audit scope while reducing the time spent auditing expenses.

The Mileage Insight is the latest in Oversight’s T&E offering and boasts the ability to identify duplicate mileage submissions, mileage and gas purchases expensed for the same trip, any excessive mileage reimbursement for an employee as well as mileage expensed for a rental car purchase.

“Insights On Demand automates the heavy lifting required to drive compliance in a T&E program,” said Oversight CEO, Patrick Taylor. “We developed the Mileage Insight in conjunction with many of our existing clients to address the real world issues that occur in this expense category.”

Oversight is currently offering prospective clients a free trial that includes the analysis and results from 90 days of data. This trial allows companies to experience with their own data how Insights On Demand works to lower the bottom line while simultaneously shaping policy and improving employee behavior.

About Oversight

Oversight Insights On Demand™ is a web based software solution that automates spending program compliance by analyzing 100% of expense report, purchase card, and accounts payable transactions to identify suspicious activity, non-compliant purchases, and inefficient and wasteful spending. It’s the first technology that simultaneously shapes policy while reducing fraud, waste, and misuse in Travel and Expense, Purchase Card, and Procure to Pay programs.

The visibility Oversight offers into the interaction between policy and behavior offers opportunities for ongoing improvement, and helps companies make smarter business decisions, every day.

Oversight makes a difference within the companies it serves, and has the experience to prove it; analyzing $1.9 trillion in expenditures annually at Fortune Global 5000 companies and government agencies. Oversight also boasts partnerships with Concur, SAP, Oracle, and TSYS. www.oversightsystems.com.

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