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Oversight is the Difference Between Knowing Where You Stand Twice A Year and Knowing Where You Stand Today.  

With more accurate financials comes less risk. Keep errors and fraud out of your books with continuous monitoring from Oversight.


Learn how HD Supply transformed their audit process with Oversight. 

Your general ledger is the foundation of your financial statements.  It’s also the window into the strength of your control environment.  Manual and non-standard entries create financial risks that often elude detection. Oversight finds the errors and unusual activity for a more accurate close every month.

Manual Entries

Manual and atypical journal entries create financial risks that often elude detection. Oversight analyzes entries to ensure corresponding debits and credits are recorded correctly and to confirm intra-company transfers and pre-paids follow expected norms.

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Spot Suspicious
Journal Entries

Unusual general ledger postings could indicate fraudulent activity. Oversight protects you from financial loss – and public scrutiny – by detecting and alerting you to materially significant journal entries that are abnormal for your organization. We monitor each entry to spot anomalies, such as unnatural account pairings, and unusual amounts and users.

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Improve Financial
Statement Accuracy

Despite approval processes and ERP controls, general ledger errors go undetected. Using AI and machine learning, Oversight analyzes 100% of your general ledger journal entries, uncovering questionable entries that can compromise the accuracy of your financial statements and expose you to risk.

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Simplify the
Close Process

Early detection of errors helps you close the books more quickly and confidently. Oversight alerts you to journal entry errors, such as duplicate entries, before you complete the close process so you can avoid any last-minute corrections.

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Customers Say it Best...

“You are essentially flying blind if you do not have a tool like Oversight, because Oversight can analyze data in a way that the human eye cannot. I'd rather have Oversight than an army of people trying to do the analysis."

Jon Feiwell

Director of Financial Process & Quality Improvement — American Bureau of Shipping

“The ROI on this tool has been 6.5x what we paid for it. We now have visibility into every single expense report, which is invaluable.”

Carolyn Hardee

Corporate Card Manager — Autodesk

“With Oversight, we have a tool to transform our audit process, so our team can redirect their time on value-added tasks to run the business."

Brian Friedman

Director Asset Protection and Chief Security Officer — HD Supply

A Finance Leader's Guide to Audit and Risk Management

HD Supply Transforms Audit Process and Improves Compliance