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Company Culture: Oversight Spotlight Sue Fleming

on September 29, 2016

As part of our monthly “Company Culture” blog series, we’re publishing interviews with Oversight team members so clients and prospects can get to know us better. Started in 2015 by Oversighter Julia Versaci, we’ve been chronicling employee interviews for almost a full year now. How exciting!

We are so pleased with the success and popularity of these posts and enjoy allowing our customers to “get an inside peek” at the people they talk to when engaging with Oversight’s solutions.

The fun is in the interview, but also in what comes next. The “rules” of the interview series are that once you’ve been interviewed for the blog, the subject then picks another person in the office they’d like to get to know better to interview. It’s a fun cycle and we enjoy compiling these for you!

Last month, Demand Generation Manager, Sarah Zoloth had her turn. Now she’s interviewing Sue Fleming, Executive Assistant to our CEO, Patrick Taylor, and resident den mother to Oversighters everywhere.


Q (Sarah): How long have you been working for Oversight?

A (Sue): Two and a half years.


Q (Sarah): What are some of your duties in your role?

A (Sue): Support and calendar management for Patrick Taylor our CEO. I also manage the office to keep it running smoothly. I plan and organize the pizza lunches that are so popular!


Q (Sarah): How did you get started in this area?

A (Sue): After being a Buyer with a chemical company, I decided that I preferred a behind the scene role and found the administrative area to be rewarding.


Q (Sarah): Do you have any favorite stories from your time working at Oversight? 

A (Sue): It was funny the day that Chris Fiquette dressed as Spiderman and sprayed silly putty around the office. He can quickly bring a smile to your face!


Q (Sarah): What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

A (Sue): Gardening, reading, decorating, shopping and traveling with my husband. One of our favorite trips was made in our Honda Goldwing traveling from Atlanta to the West Coast. What a beautiful country we live in!


Q (Sarah): What do you like the most about working for Oversight?

A (Sue): The opportunity to be helpful to someone every day. Did I say that I enjoy the administrative area? I love to be supportive of others!


Q (Sarah): Any words of wisdom that you want to share with our customers?

A (Sue): Continue to learn and improve. Knowledge is key.


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