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Company Culture: Oversight’s Logo Signing Tradition

on September 11, 2015

When entering Oversight’s headquarters, the first thing you’ll notice is a long wall, lined with framed logos representing our customer base. When I started at Oversight, I assumed the signatures surrounding each logo were from the customers themselves, an endorsement of sorts. But what I quickly learned is that the signatures are actually from Oversight employees who helped bring each deal to fruition- every single one of them. 

As part of the Account Development team, my involvement in gaining customers is this: I set up an initial meeting with someone who oversees the travel & expense program.  The purpose of the initial meeting is to learn more about their program and see how we might bring value to their organization.  If next steps make sense, then I hand it over to an Account Executive.  I very clearly remember signing the logo for the first company that signed with Oversight because of my initial phone call; it was a very proud moment and I felt like I had directly made a positive impact for both our company and theirs.

But the great thing is that this doesn’t just apply when the logo comes from my direct efforts. Each time a company becomes an Oversight customer, the logos are placed in the common area and the entire company is asked to sign it. It isn’t just the Account Development Associate, Account Executive, and Legal team who have a part in onboarding customers, but the whole company. Marketing piques their interest; Client Engagement takes care to make sure all data extraction runs smoothly; Account Managers work with prospects to ensure their trials are beneficial; the Solutions team is responsible for creating the analytics that we offer in the first place- this list goes on.

Every employee at Oversight is imperative to our operation, and therefore is asked to sign the new logo.

Even though our customers don’t sign the logos, I still like to think of them as an endorsement. When we walk into the office every morning, the wall of frames and signatures serves as a reminder of how important teamwork is to the Oversight operation, and visually represents just how many people it takes to make things happen here.

I think what I like best of all is that no one here is on their own- we all have people we can look to for help, and our customers are surrounded (figuratively, and with signatures!) by a whole team of people who can address their various needs.

Sarah Zoloth

Product Manager