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Company Culture: The Oversight Blog Squad

on July 02, 2015


At Oversight, we’re big on promoting thought leadership and sharing cool content via our twice-weekly blog posts. We’re a truly collaborative office, as we have regular contributors from all departments of Oversight write for the blog. This way the blog isn’t just a reflection of the marketing team or the CEO, but a reflection of the level of expertise and many voices we have in our office. Multiple contributors also helps keep our blog fresh, and we love the way our company culture is reflected in how the team handles the blog each month!

We have many in our company who contribute every once in awhile, but we recently added some new contributors to the blog that will be featured each month. We call them “The Oversight Blog Squad.” Get a chance to know them better and meet them below!

Patrick Taylor
Our CEO often finds time in his busy schedule to regularly contribute his thoughts on big data and analytics to the blog. In fact, he’s been one of the main writers since 2012! Patrick expertly ties in themes from his own life to make compliance, analytics, and technology easy-to-understand and accessible to readers.

By Patrick: Oversight, Data Management and Spring Planting, The Emperor Has No Clothes! Does Your Dashboard?


Julia Versaci
Julia Versaci is our Knowledge Engineer, and known around the office as being the “go to” person when you need something done within our software. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Julia’s blog posts concentrate on how to leverage our software to truly make the most of your analysis. And trust us, there’s no one better to teach you how!

By Julia: Top N Analysis, Bottom N Analysis

Samantha Dolan
Samantha is a brand new blog contributor! She’s been with Oversight for almost two years, first in Account Development and now working directly with clients as an account manager. Samantha has a fantastic sense of humor, which we hope to showcase in future posts!


Al Gordon
As the Manager of Learning and Performance services Al spends the majority of his time in training: training new hires for onboarding, training new customers on how to use our Insights On Demand software system, and teaching current clients how to move beyond the basics. His blog posts often focus taking an existing process that’s just “okay” and making it even better.

By Al: Unintended Consequences


Beverly Kays
As a Client Engagement Manager, Beverly works with customers both before they implement Oversight, and after they start utilizing the software, helping them solve existing problems and troubleshoot anything that may arise. Beverly’s positive energy permeates the entire office, making her a natural fit for working with customers and for our fun blog!

By Beverly: Finding Needles in a Haystack


Ashlee Holmes
Another account developer turned manager; Ashlee is known for her quick wit and for being a favorite among clients. It’s probably because she’s great at listening to clients and strategically helping them solve problems! She’s also incredibly enthusiastic about Oversight and how our solution helps company’s automate the compliance process.

By Ashlee: What Happens After You Become a Customer


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