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Company Culture: The Oversight “Lunch and Learn” Program

on June 18, 2015

When I graduated from college and began working at Oversight last year, I wasn’t sure what to expect at my first “real world” job. Thankfully, the experience has been full of surprises, the most pleasant of which being the absolutely willingness of the entire Oversight staff to invest in new team members like myself. 

Around the time I started working here, the company started a new program- Lunch and Learns- which have been one of my favorite parts of my experience here. Each week, the Demand Generation team files into a conference room for free lunch and an hour lesson on fundamental skills and knowledge from more veteran Oversight-ers. Sometimes the topics are directly related to our roles here at Oversight, but other times they’re about business best practices and skills that we can use in our careers and personal lives as well.

Here are a few of my favorite Lunch and Learn topics from the last year or so:

Roles in a Company

Some of the most helpful sessions we’ve had have revolved around particular roles in an organization and their function, goals, and priorities. As most of the attendees at a Lunch and Learn are recent college graduates, it’s very helpful to learn more about how companies function and to gain a better understanding working parts that help them to do so. Not only does this make my day-to-day job easier so I know who to contact, but this is knowledge that will be important to me in any career I ever have.

CFO Priorities

When we were presented with this topic, I expected it to be very straightforward: CFOs care about a company’s financial performance, how much they make and how much they spend. But it ended up being surprisingly fun! It was interesting to learn that some a CFOs worries aren’t financial at all, but outside forces like weather and infectious disease.

It was fascinating to think about how something like an Ebola outbreak or a hurricane can have serious financial impacts on the way businesses can be affected by all sorts of things. This helps with our jobs, as contacting CFOs to gauge interest in our expense audit tool is one of the main functions.

Hacks/Sharing Tips

Some of my favorite Lunch and Learns haven’t been ones with a defined lesson plan, but sessions where my team and our colleagues take time to learn from each other. Sometimes we have what has been coined a “Hack-a-Thon,” where we take the time to share tips and tricks we’ve picked up in our time at Oversight with each other. These sessions are always informative and a fun chance for us to share stories and re-connect.

Admittedly, some of the best parts of these Lunch and Learns are when we get off topic; a lot of time is spent sharing stories, plus the requisite reality TV updates. But the Lunch and Learns are always interesting, leaving everyone in attendance both in a good mood and excited to perform well in their jobs that day. The Lunch and Learns are a big part of our weekly success and overall morale, and I’m thankful to work at a company that values such a program

Sarah Zoloth

Product Manager